About Us

Zhaplin is a furniture manufacturing company, specializing in new and innovative furniture system utilizing mainly aluminum for joinery and decorative finishes, supplying high quality finished products and accessories. For more than ten years, Zhaplin Group of Companies and its subsidiaries have been dedicated in providing quality interior products and various wardrobe systems that cater to the need of contemporary homes and commercial buildings.

Our Products

Being the owner and inventor of two internationally acclaimed quality products: Ximula.Com and Alumix.Com, Zhaplin prides itself for such accomplishment.  Our products have won accolades of awards such as the “Japan Good Design Award” and the “Malaysian Good Design Award”.  Every piece of these two brand product profiles are uniquely designed and engineered to perfection.  It is the company’s underpinning philosophy to provide the best in terms of quality, varieties and sophistication.

Our Clients

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