About Us

About Us

Zhaplin is a customised furniture manufacturing company, specializing in new and innovative furniture system and design utilizing mainly aluminum for joinery and decorative finishes, supplying high quality finished products and accessories. For more than ten years, Zhaplin Group of Companies and its subsidiaries have been dedicated in providing quality interior products and various furniture systems that cater to the need of contemporary homes and commercial buildings.

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Our History

Incorporated in 1999, Zhaplin has grown from a small start-up companywith less than ten workers to owning a group of companies withhundreds of workers.

We started as a manufacturing and retail company of aluminium based furniture under Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd. In just a few years, Zhaplin’s products have gained popularity and tremendous market share in the retail sector.

In 2004, Zhaplin expanded its business out of Singapore and into the Malaysiamarketby setting up two factories namely Zhaplin Work SdnBhd in Kuala Lumpur and Chaplin Design SdhBhd in Johor. Subsequently, Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd was incorporated as its businesses grew in various countries.

In 2006, Zhaplin marks another milestone as Zhaplin Contracts Pte Ltd was created to venture into thelarge-scale projects and contract works in Singapore. A year later, Zhaplin has made its presence in China by setting up a 3000 square feet factory, FoshanNanhaiXimula Furniture Co. Ltd.

Today, Zhaplin has more than 30 showrooms in China and continues to expand its presence internationally.

Over the years, Zhaplin has established itself as one of the market leaders for creative use of aluminium in designing furniture for the interior furnishing industry. Our products are marketed all over the world with an extensive global network in countries such as Australia , China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Vietnam, and United States of America.


Our Accomplishments

Zhaplin has designed and owned two internationally acclaimed quality products namely Ximula and Alumix.

Our products have won awards such as the “Japan Good Design Award”, “Singapore Good design Award” and the “Malaysian Good Design Award”. All our products are uniquely designed and engineered to perfection. Our company’s underpinning philosophy is to be the best in terms of quality, customer service, effectiveness and efficiency. We pride ourselves for such accomplishments.

We also strive to be environmentally friendly by adhering to Singapore Environment Council (SEC) the Singapore Green Label Scheme (SGLS) strict standards and obtaining the Singapore Green Label for our melamine board.

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